A young woman sitting in a cafe pouring sugar into her teaHave you ever seen the movie Hoodwinked? There’s a part where the villain reveals his plot to put all bakers out of business and open his own with a special ingredient he calls Boingonium which is apparently, extra habit forming. He would then have all the business and addicts would be lined up to buy his goods.

Not a bad plan.

Whenever I think of what sugar does to our bodies, I think of boingonium. And most of us have been hoodwinked. By little microscopic villains.

Here’s what happens: bacteria called candida need sugar to survive. So when you eat sugar, these little puppet masters pull your strings by hijacking your vagus nerve and telling your brain you need more sugar. Naturally, you comply. Why wouldn’t you? It tastes so good…

Want to make matters worse? Add antibiotics.

The antibiotic sweeps through your stomach and kills all the good and bad bacteria. Well…almost all the bacteria. Stealthy candida is quite resourceful. They hide in your intestinal wall until the coast is clear. Then they emerge to find all the other bacteria are gone! There’s no more good bacteria to keep them under control. Woo Hoo! Party!

The candida overpopulates your gut and finds there’s not enough food for all of them. So of course they have to send urgent messages to your brain to ingest large amounts of sugar asap.

Again and again you give in and steadily feel worse and worse. Your energy levels drop. You gain weight. You develop autoimmune illnesses and possibly yeast infections. The decline continues…

Who knew many of us have been walking around, controlled by microscopic beings. And how do you halt this cycle of insanity?

  1. Start by cutting off their food supply by seriously cutting down on sugar (you can’t avoid it entirely since it’s in fruit, etc.)
  2. Take probiotics (good bacteria that your gut needs)
  3. Feed the good bacteria what they like to eat (aka prebiotics) so they can help you keep the candida under control.

If you are indeed suffering from candida overgrowth, be warned. You’ll likely experience die-off effect. When they all start dying, they release gasses which will make you feel bloated and, well…gassy. Or worse. But push through! It might take a couple of weeks, but it will get better and you’ll be so glad you prevailed!

In the world we live in, most people desperately need prebiotics and probiotics. Ask your Doctor which ones you should take. Don’t be hoodwinked by invisible bugs…

Here’s to your health!

J F Rogers




-If you’d like to learn more about probiotics, here’s a good article from Dr. Axe.

-If you’d like to learn more about prebiotics, here’s a good article from Dr. Axe.


-I’m a Plexus Ambassador. Triplex addresses these sugar/gut issues.

-Dr Axe also offers some good products to address gut health on his website such as Candida Combat which addresses candida and includes probiotics

-Here’s another probiotic I like: Pro 15

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